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Red Lion G308 HMI Panel to AB SLC5/04 Using IAP

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Have been trying to configure IAP to allow me to use the G308 Panel to the SLC5/04 using Ethernet. I currently have been able to connect the two using the G308's AB Serial port and DF1 Master driver with no problem. When I try to use the G308's ethernet port and Allen Bradley DF1 Master ethernet driver, I've had no luck at all... I have 2 IAP's to swap with, both have the latest E version of the firmware. Is there anything I am overlooking? I've tried just about every combination...
The serial connection between the two is OK for now, but I need the ethernet capability since I want to add a second G308 panel to this same system. HELP!!!
asked Dec 1, 2004 in Portserver TS by dlweilert New to the Community (1 point)

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