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Digi One SP - DDNS

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I'm working with a typical scenario PC(LAN)-Internet-(LAN)DigiDevice-SerieDevice but I would like to control more than one DigiOne SP via the same PC. The fact is that the software/firmware that you provide doesn't include the feature to select a different IP adress in order to get in contact with another DigiPorts like a DDNS net (see Multiport Serie Adapter->Digi One SP propierties->Advanced->Propierties). Is there a different driver from which permits this thing?

Thanks in advance.
asked Aug 27, 2007 in Realport by xmaymi New to the Community (8 points)

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1 Answer

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If you install another Digi One SP with a different IP address, you can install a second instance of RealPort. From the same PC you can use each of the com ports associated with the respective Digi One SP devices.
answered Aug 27, 2007 by User38 Community Contributor (120 points)