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Real Port - Win XP - Incoming Connections -remains open when lost concetion

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I estabilished succesfuly a conection bertween 2 PCs.
1. CN, with a DIGI Connect ME Conected via Digi Real Port Driver, on an Xp is expecting a incoming conectionat on a virtual serial port.

2. A CL, serial device, is dialing through "Conect directly to another Computer" Via Serial, and finally the conection is well estabileshd. So , the INternet and local Network is shared.

There is stil a problem: When The -CL- Dialing PC enconter an interruption in transmition, enter in standby, or a connection lost, without command "Disconect" on CN PC the incoming COnection remain always opened! ANd it is no way to dial again to estabilsh the conection because the first PC, CN, has always the conection opened and is not waiting any incoming Conection. Now:

A). How can PC be set so that DIGI Connect ME after a while of inactivity on the virtual port to disconect himself, as long as the "Disconect a Call if idle mor then..." is unavailable?
asked Jul 4, 2007 in Realport by Floris New to the Community (1 point)

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