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Etherlite 32 not working under Linux

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I have an etherlite EL-32. It was previous installed on a Solaris system, which is now dead.

I grabed the 'dgrp-1.8' tools from the digi web site.
I compiled & installed the drivers.
I upgraded the unit firmware to 7.9
I configured the unit using the dgrp-gui
I can rlogin into the unit. Output of 'vers' is below.

however, everytime I try to use dinc to talk to /dev/ttyds00 (one of the units), it says

[dirk-48] sudo ./dinc /dev/ttyds00
/dev/ttyds00: Resource temporarily unavailable

when I watch the network traffic using tcpdump, I see that my host is trying to start TCP connections to port 771 of the unit. However, there is never a response to the SYN packet.

Doing a port scan of the unit using 'nmap' shows only the rlogin port as being active.

what am I doing wrong?

sample output from unit

[dirk-43] rlogin 24hr

EL-32 EtherLite module

? ver
Product: EL-32
FW Ver: V7.9

Ethernet: 00:A0:E7:21:C2:11
SN Mask:
Lease: 0xACE
Boot Host:
Bootfile: el32.prm
TFTP error (1) getting Bootfile: File not found
asked Feb 17, 2005 in Realport by dirkgrunwald New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the 7.9 firmware version is fairly old and will not work with the RealPort driver. Please download and upgrade the firmware to version 1.5:


The firmware versioning started over at 1.x when the RealPort driver was designed to work with this units.
answered Feb 17, 2005 by userid0 Veteran of the Digi Community (2,158 points)