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DigiOne SP won't work with NAPCO Alarm System

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I've successfully set up a DigiOne SP on my home LAN with a fixed IP. I can get to it via my browser or successfully loopback via telnet. I've also gotten it to work with the serial input to a Ham radio.

However, when I connect the serial port to the output of a NAPCO alarm system the alarm system can't connect and I get the message Communications Retry... timeout from the alarm system.

If I connect the serial output of a notebook PC to the NAPCO, I get successful communication.

When I look at the status I get CTS active. When I attempt to use the NAPCO software RTS becomes active, but I get no communication. I do notice that TCP Server is available, but TCP Client is unavailable, but I don't know the meaning of this.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to try next?

In summary, application works great on a real serial port, and the DigiOne works great with another application!

Thanks... DHK
asked Feb 5, 2005 in Realport by DHKaplan New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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This should work but its hard to say what might be causing the bad communication without more info. This would be a good one to call into Tech Support about.
answered Feb 7, 2005 by michaelt Veteran of the Digi Community (768 points)