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Communicating using XModem and PortServerII - pls help

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I have a device connected to the PortServerII. I use telnet (actually in Visual Basic) to connect to it. I need to upload and download files to it, which requires XModem protocol. When I connect via telnet and type download, it says it's waiting for the C from the xmodem protocol and just sits and waits until I cancel.
Can anyone suggest any way to download/upload the files?

asked Oct 20, 2004 in Realport by fldavem New to the Community (1 point)

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3 Answers

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How are you connecting to the Portserver II? Can you connect to this serial device other aside from trying to download files?
answered Oct 20, 2004 by michaelt Veteran of the Digi Community (768 points)
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No problem connecting either via hyperterminal (windows app) or by telnet or by my visual basic program, but I'm connecting in telnet mode. When I connect via hyperterminal, I can choose receive file and tell it x-modem protocol and it works.

So, I may just need to research x-modem in the visual basic discussion groups.
answered Oct 20, 2004 by fldavem New to the Community (1 point)
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What I'm wondering is if you connect directly to the serial port, and if so, what TCP port you're using.

Here are examples of connecting to port 1 directly with telnet, first with ASCII telnet, then with a binary telnet connection:

ASCII telnet: telnet <ip of PSII> 2001
Binary telnet: telnet <ip of PSII> 2101

If you haven't tried both those methods, I'd recommend trying them and compare your results. Might be that one will work and the other won't, etc.

Also, the port needs to be configured as device type "prn" to allow a connection to it. Here is an example of setting port 1 to this dev type:

set ports range=1 dev=prn

You'll also need to make sure that flow control (set flow range=1) and line parameters (set line range=1) on the Portserver II match whatever is connected to that serial port as well. To configure more than one port, a wildcard (*) can be used for all ports, or a range (ex. 1-16) can be specified for whichever ports you want to configure in this manner.
answered Oct 20, 2004 by michaelt Veteran of the Digi Community (768 points)