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How to set up TS4 for "telnet ipaddr port#" to connect

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I have the Digi PortServer TS4, connected to the ethernet, need to connect using "telnet <ipaddress> <tcp-port#>".. there is a 3 wire device connected to each port.

I need a direct conection, 9600 8N1, No-flow control, no login, no local echo... just a clear open connection

SunStation-> TCP/IP -> Ethernet -> Portserver -> Async Rs232 port -> Async 3 wire Device.

An example config would be great...

asked Aug 4, 2004 in Realport by sandyw371 New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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from the ProtServer TS command line
#>set port ra=1-4 dev=prn
#>set logins verbose=off ra=1-4
reboot portserver
#>b a=r
Now you should be able to connect to a port
#telent ip-of_the_ts 2001 (for port 1, 2002 for port 2 etc)
answered Aug 4, 2004 by shatman Community Contributor (111 points)