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Protocol for communication on Port 2001

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Hi all.

I have some problems.
I would like to communicate with a "Disi One RealPort" within my application.
I can successfully connect to the TCP Port on Port 2001, Send and receive data.
But becuase of there exists a protocol on this port (sending 0xFF -> replaced with 0xFF 0xFF) at startup i get some command bytes .... i would like to know if i can somewhere download the protocol for this port.

asked Jul 12, 2004 in Realport by snoopy_spy New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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This sounds like it might be the "set line error=parmrk" setting. Do you know if that's a setting you've made?
answered Jul 12, 2004 by michaelt Veteran of the Digi Community (768 points)