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Cannot get 'login' only echo on PortServer II

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I have connected my PortServer II to a PC using a serial cable. When I type characters in the terminal application the Port Server just echoes them. I do not get a login prompt.

I do not use the crossover cable originally delivered with the device (I didn't get it (bought it used on ebay)).

If the reason is that the original crossover cable result in a changed behavior of the PortServer (echo vs. login) can anyone tell me the name for such a cable (one with a DB9 connector on the 'PC side') and where to buy it.

Thanks in advance!
- Morten Green Hermansen, Fanitas
asked Jul 12, 2004 in Realport by mortengh New to the Community (2 points)

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1 Answer

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Cable part number is 76000264. You can buy it from Digi directly.
You can also make your own. Pinouts can be located here:
One more thing, reset PortServer to the factory defaults. certain port settings on a PortServer will not generate login
answered Jul 12, 2004 by shatman Community Contributor (111 points)