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Unable to initialize AccelePort

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I am experiencing problems when attempting to initialize a
port on your Digi AccelePort 8r 920 PCI expansion board on the Windows 2000 with a program I am developing. Can you offer any suggestions?
asked Nov 26, 2003 in Serial Cards by Guest1 New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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Programming support is furnished by Microsoft. The Digi device driver supports the Microsoft 32 bit COMM API. If your application supports the 32 bit API, then it should work with the Digi AccelePort product.

Most customers have programming problems resulting from port initialization, and not understanding the difference between a non-intelligent port, and a buffered intelligent port like on the AccelePort products.

There is a good article titled "Serial Communications in Win32" on the Microsoft website which includes sample code. It can be found at:

There is another good serial programming guide that can be found at:
answered Nov 26, 2003 by Kristine New to the Community (6 points)