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Hyperterminal, COM ports and AccelePort Xr 920

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Hello everybody,
I'm using an AccelePort Xr 920 board to connect three external devices in a PC with windows 98 SO.
And I'm having a problem when I try to open the COM ports with the Hyperterminal.
Do you think If there are any problems in my configuration?
asked Jan 20, 2009 in Serial Cards by e New to the Community (1 point)

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2 Answers

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The version of Hyperterminal included with Windows 98 does not work with serial ports except the standard built in ports.
You will need to use another terminal emulation program.
You can use tty.exe to test the ports and verfiy that they are functional.
You can get it at this link:

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answered Jan 21, 2009 by Admin Veteran of the Digi Community (732 points)
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Ok, thanks a lot for your assistance.
answered Jan 21, 2009 by e New to the Community (1 point)