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TS1 through XP laptop

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I have a Windows XP laptop with a Cingular wireless PCMCIA card and account so that I can get Internet anywhere via the cellular system. I need to connect the TS1 serial server to the laptop and operate it from a remote location through the cellular network connection. This means opening ports (port forwarding) in the XP machine to let me operate the Digi using the XP machine as a router to the network. Has anyone ever done this? Any advice on configuring the XP machine?

We have a product that has a serial maintenance port on it and talks on the network to a remote server. Some installations have network trouble because of customer firewalls and other processors, like content filters. I need to be able to drop a laptop and DIGI box at a site, plug it into the serial port, and then debug and operate the device from another city where the server is. I can't use the local network because it is so locked-down.

Any advice or help?
asked Apr 11, 2007 in Serial Cards by TopherFox New to the Community (2 points)

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3 Answers

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I'm not sure if Windows XP has some sort of application to enable a laptop to act as a router. One thing you might want to consider is one of our Cellular Gateway products though. Information can be found at the following link:
answered Apr 11, 2007 by michaelt Veteran of the Digi Community (768 points)
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Wow! This looks perfect for me, but I have a lot of questions! 1) Does the DIGI Connect WAN have a serial port that works like the one on the TS1 using RealPort? 2) Does it control the DTR line? 3) Does the DIGI Connect WAN accept my Cingular SIM card using the data service that I already established for my laptop Air Card? 4) How do I reach the Cellular device without knowing it's IP address? DNS support? 5) Can I get one Fed Ex'ed to Houston for arrival Friday morning?

I have talked a little with your sales people and submitted a query with them. My biggest concern, assuming this will work, is getting a unit shipped out Thursday for delivery Friday to my hotel in Houston.
answered Apr 12, 2007 by TopherFox New to the Community (2 points)
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This looks like a question for Microsoft on how you would use XP as a router.
I would suggest using one of our Cellular device servers.
You can go two ways on this. First you could use the sim out of the PC card and put it in our Connect Wan GSM unit, or if you need 3G service and/or more ethernet and serial ports. You can put your PC card into a Connectport Wan VPN A300 unit. See product info links below:

answered Apr 16, 2007 by User103 New to the Community (1 point)