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Unable to renumber ports on 8-port acceleport

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Hi, I installed an acceleport 8port on a pc and xp recognized it ok. The problem is the ports show up in device manager as com11 thru com 18. When I attempt to renumber to Com3 t, a message pops up saying port is in use. I suspect a digi board was previously installed that is acting as a phantom board and "claiming" these ports.

In device manager, I checked "show hidden devices" but don't see the phantom board.

So, I'm stuck on how to proceed next.
asked Nov 10, 2010 in Serial Cards by rtw44 New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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I believe you are correct in your assesment. If any previously installed serial card was removed without uninstalling the drivers first, you can have these phantom ports.
To resolve, try the steps at this link:
answered Nov 10, 2010 by Admin Veteran of the Digi Community (732 points)