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I cannot connect above 33.6k on the AccelePort RAS

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I have people complaining about getting low connection speeds when dialing into the AccelePort RAS. How do I get a 56k connection?
asked Nov 26, 2003 in Serial Cards by Guest1 New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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Although the AccelePort RAS has a 56K/v.90 analog modem, an analog 56K modem is really just a 28.8K or 33.6K modem with download capabilities of 56K. However, the upload speed will initially be only achieve 33.6K max. This is an analog limitation.

Also because the connection between your PC and the phone company is analog, the connection may even drop back even more if you experience any line noise.

If you want to achieve true 56k connections, you will need to get a digital modem and digital phone line to your telco.
NOTE: Make sure you research this option because you still may not be able to achieve true 56k connections if:
1. You cannot have more then one analog to digital conversion between your dial in users and the server.
2. You may also experience a limitation if your are going through a PBX.
For more information on 56K requirements and limitations go to www.56k.com.
answered Nov 26, 2003 by Kristine New to the Community (6 points)