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AnywhereUSB with VM Windows 2003 Server

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I have an implementation of AnywhereUSB in an ESX virtual server environment. The AnywhereUSB is configured and connected to the Windows 2003 Server instance on the ESX platform. I have a USB dongle in the AnywhereUSB hub. I have a scheduled function that executes on the server and encrypts a file based on the encryption key held in the USB dongle. This process works fine when a user is logged in on the console of the server.
The issue: If there is no user session running on the server, the scheduled function is unable to access the USB dongle to get the encryption key.
The question: is the AnywhereUSB connection only present under a user context in Windows 2003 and not the system context?
asked Aug 30, 2007 in USB Serial by Gary.Toft New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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The AWUSB should enumerate it's USB controllers before a user actually logs into the system. If you were to reboot the virtual machine you "should" see the 5 leds on the front become solid before you actually log into the system.

That being said, I do not know if the USB devices attached are available as I have no mechanism here to test that out.

I checked to see if the AnywhereUSB stayed enumerated after "logging off" and it did (at least the 5 led's stayed solid.

After re reading your email I think I see what you're getting at. What I guess I need to understand is what do you mean exactly by "If there is no user session running on the server". Are you talking about a user just not being logged in after you turn on the PC? That should be ok. Please give me more details and hopefully at that point I'll be able to answer your question better.

Mike Swift
answered Aug 30, 2007 by swifty32661 Seasoned Professional (185 points)