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Edgeport/22c Problem - Ports fail

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Our setup:

We use the Edgeport/22c to extend our computer so that we can open 3 serial ports. We use 1 of the 22c's per tool we ship. We use the motherboards's com1 to talk to our controller and we add 2 more computers using the 22c, and configure those as COM2 and COM3. Computer is a Dell Optilex 330 running Windows XP sp2.


We can communicate thru COM1 and COM2 fine to our controllers, however, COM 3 does not work. If we uninstall the Digi driver, and then reinstall from the CD that shipped with the 22C (v4.50), reboot the PC, we can now talk to COM3. However, now COM1 no longer works. Then we uninstall the drivers againn and reinstall and open com1 and 2, they work, but now COM3 no longer works.

If we swap the Computer, and go thru what we think is the same setup, everything works again. I might be tempted to say that the computer is at fault, but it is odd that we can get all the computers working, just not at the same time. Also this has happened once before on a different computer.

Any suggestions?

If possible, please send a response to spervorse@sierratherm.com as well as this forum.


asked Sep 29, 2008 in USB Serial by spervorse New to the Community (9 points)

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2 Answers

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Does that PC have a modem? Modems are usually configured for COM 3 and that would conflict with an Edgeport if an Edgeport's serial port was also configured for COM 3. To check this, look in Device Manager for a "Modems" category. If it exists, double-click the modem(s) within that category, then click the (second) "Modem" tab at the top. What's the COM port number?
answered Sep 29, 2008 by jeremym Veteran of the Digi Community (1,687 points)
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Thank you for that tip. We do set the modem to COM5, but your message got me thinking that we do not shutdown the computer after that and reboot. I checked to ensure the assigned comport for the modem was COM5, and it was. However, after shutting down, removing the power plug (not necessary I expect but I am a bit old fashioned) and then turning the computer back on, all is well. I thin the issue is that perhaps the modem driver does not correctly release the port. But after a reboot things start up correctly.

Thanks again.

answered Sep 29, 2008 by spervorse New to the Community (9 points)