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Xycom 5015KMPT Keypad and Mouse

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Hello, After solving the issue of touchscreen here is other problem found, the XYCOM 5015KPMT Industrial Monitor has a Keyboard and integrated mouse (Interlink Versapoint pointing device). Now the keypad and mouse are only available throught PS2 connectors (cable included), I tried a PS2 to USB cable converter to attach the integrated keypad and mouse to my CP-DIS-M22 device but it seems only keypad (with a very low response) seems to be working, the integrated mouse doesn't response, both work ok if I attach them directly to host computer. any help will be very appreciated.
asked Jun 18, 2009 in ConnectPort Display by jtejada New to the Community (17 points)

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12 Answers

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Here is the CPD configuration.

Thank you.
answered Aug 17, 2009 by jtejada New to the Community (17 points)
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I have a couple of suggestions for you. Try them one-at-a-time (not at the same time) and let me know if either of them help, related to the issue-at-hand, or not.

1. Enable the RealPort exclusive option.

This has to be set from the command line. Telnet into the CPD, and issue the following 2 commands:

Set realport exclusive=on
Boot action=r

The CPD will reboot after you issue the second command.

2. Log into the CPD using a browser. Then under Configuration, Serial Ports, select the CPD port which is connected to the touch screen, Advanced Serial Settings, and under TCP settings, check the box for the option “Close connection after the following number of idle seconds”, choose an appropriate value of maybe 10 seconds.
However, your application may or may not be able to tolerate the closing of the connection.
answered Aug 18, 2009 by jeremym Veteran of the Digi Community (1,687 points)