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ConnectPort SlideShow

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I have an ConnectPort Display M22-W, and would like to use it for digital signage.
I read in the app.note 'Using ConnectPort™ Display in Digital Advertising' that it could be configured in 'slide show mode' but i cant figure out how...
Please help me..
asked Jul 20, 2007 in ConnectPort Display by arne New to the Community (1 point)

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3 Answers

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Hi Arne,

Put some .jpg picture files on a flash drive then insert the flash drive in one of the USB ports. They should start displaying unless you have old firmware that doesn't support this feature. If this doesn't work, paste information from "System Information" section of the M22 webpage.
answered Jul 20, 2007 by jeremym Veteran of the Digi Community (1,687 points)
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It doesn't seem to work.
System Information
Tab Open
Model: ConnectPort Display M22
MAC Address: 00:40:9D:32:13:45
Firmware Version: 1.03.0106 (debug 82001357 LNB-CMS-TIMJ 12/15/2006 3:57:30p)
Boot Version: 1.01.0066 (debug 82001358 LBSTEVEK 10/19/2006 5:17:23p)
POST Version: 1.01.0019 (debug 82001359 LBSTEVEK 10/19/2006 5:17:28p)

CPU Utilization: 7%
Up Time: 6 minutes 8 seconds
Total Memory: 131072 KB
Used Memory: 77018 KB
Free Memory: 54055 KB
I see that the menu 'Slide Show Configuration' is missing too. The pictures in the app.note show that..
answered Jul 21, 2007 by arne New to the Community (1 point)
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That v1.03 firmware does support the playback of .jpg files, although there isn't a configurable "Slideshow mode" in the M22 web interface.

Note that the .jpg files must be in the main folder of the flash drive. Also, depending on how they were encoded, you may need to re-save them as .jpg files (in a program such as IrfanView, which is a free download) in order for the M22 to support them.

If those initial suggestions don't help, tell me, what exactly do you see on the monitor that's attached to your M22?
answered Jul 23, 2007 by jeremym Veteran of the Digi Community (1,687 points)