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Limits of FTP in a SD on RCM4300 + BL4S200??

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i have created a A partition in the 512 Mb SD card.

I have problems to read and write in the nested folder in the 3th or 4th level.

If I use folders with a single letter i can access files in more deep level folders

All files respect 8.3 format.

There is a limit in the path size?

I'm using DC 10.70 and the example Filesystem\FAT\updpages.c
that no use different permissions on folders (login with root super)

Is a limit of the FAT16 or nedd to set better the example?

Thanks for any suggestion. [:x]
asked Oct 3, 2012 in Rabbit by FabioPD New to the Community (5 points)

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5 Answers

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Are you using CWD to get to the directory or are yousing a file name with directory path included?

There is an adjustable file name length which defaults to 20 (19+nul) characters set by defining FTP_MAXNAME which could be limiting things for you.

answered Oct 3, 2012 by petermcs Veteran of the Digi Community (1,130 points)
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Hi Peter!
I'm using FIlezilla to navigate into folders created by my Rabbit application before.
with FZ I can create , delete, read, upload files in all folders except one folder filled with 5 files (name is 8 chars) that seems untouchable (the error is 550) .

I'll try to increase FTP_MAXNAME and tell you the results!

answered Oct 4, 2012 by FabioPD New to the Community (5 points)
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I'have increased FTP_MAXNAME to 80 but nothing!!!

in the folder


i can create files, I can see those but i can't dowload anything!

In the folder /A/backup i can do everything.. the file name is short like BBB.TXT

So i can imagine there is a deep limitation in the server ... the error when I can download is 550 in FIlezilla or in other FTP clients..

Hoping to ear some suggestion soon ...

answered Oct 29, 2012 by FabioPD New to the Community (5 points)
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Could it possibly be SSPEC_MAXNAME?
It is defined in ZSERVER.LIB and defaults to 20, what happens if you try and increase its value?
answered Nov 6, 2012 by tito.brasolin New to the Community (4 points)
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Dear Mr.Tito

thank you very much you have solved my great problem!

I have set SSPEC_MAXNAME and FTP_MAXNAME to 50 and works fine!

I hope this is useful for everybody!

answered Nov 12, 2012 by FabioPD New to the Community (5 points)