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When are you going to build USB capabilities into your processors? If Microchip can do it I am sure you can too.
And NO I do not think that the FTDI serial to USB adaptor is a solution.
asked Feb 15, 2007 in Feedback/Wish List by jeffc New to the Community (2 points)

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8 Answers

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I'm curious about why you don't like the FTDI USB chip. A USB port would not be high on my list of processor enhancements although I do use the FTDI chip in one of my projects. It's seems like a perfect single chip solution.
answered Apr 12, 2007 by Rob2 New to the Community (11 points)
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well yeah FTDI USB chip is a solution but some of our projects require speed over 115.2k and apparently rabbit doesn't support higher speed than that.
answered Apr 21, 2007 by albanh New to the Community (2 points)
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I currently use the FT232R chip in a project and I run it at 460.8k baud without any trouble. And since the USB chip is connected to serial port A all Dynamic 'C' downloads and debugging also work over USB without any programming cable. If speed is your primary concern then perhaps you could get higher speeds using a parrallel connection to the FT232R, then the speed of your processor will become the limiting factor. Having the USB interface on the processor won't change that.
answered Apr 24, 2007 by Rob2 New to the Community (11 points)
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The ability to act as a USB bus master would be appreciated. Then all sorts of USB peripherals could be hooked to the Rabbit system.
answered May 8, 2007 by nimbusgb Community Contributor (109 points)
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I would appreciate to have full access to a USB Memory sticks.
Vinculum offers a solution (VDrive2), which is a possible alternative.
But a direct access via Rabbit-Software would be more convenient.
answered Feb 14, 2008 by barni New to the Community (2 points)
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Hi Rob,
It seems that you have worked on FT232R(I have read your post on rabbit forum.) I am trying to implement serial to USB & vice versa communication using FT232BM. Can you please guide me whether I have to use all handshaking signals or only RTS & CTS are sufficient for communication? & if these two signals are sufficient then what we have to do with other handshaking signals(ie. DTR, DCD etc.) Is there any good material which I can refer?

Thank you,
answered Sep 4, 2008 by rashmi New to the Community (4 points)
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I remember a guy from work who used a ft232bm with only the rx and tx. So you don't have to use all handshake signals.
answered Sep 5, 2009 by fietspomp New to the Community (12 points)
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It would be nice to get onboard USB on the RCM's it would really make it an all in one package, It is a pain to add the FT232 to an interface board.
answered Oct 11, 2009 by ryanjmclaughlin New to the Community (4 points)