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Just my opinion how we can make this forum more active and make the community themselves engage into problem solving together. Can't have the regular Digizen to always reply.

[1] : Have a <solved> button by the thread creator. If somebody post a question, and the forum community answers it; the thread creator gets to go thru the list to see which option he can take in order to solve the problem. Once it's solved, he ticks SOLVED. This may reduce the sheer number of duplicated thread creation of the same particular problem. Indirectly, the search function gets to be optimized by displaying solved entries and unsolved entries just by a simple tweak. (@mikelannon: I know, the search function sucks. But hey, just a minor tweak is prolly what it needs rather than a whole algorithm mod)

[2] : Have a reputation meter. For e.g.: if the reply of a particular post is "likeable" (like in FB, utube, stackoverflow) then perhaps it should be given more attention when clicking on a particular thread. We know that when we're searching for a thread, and when we look at a post that has "High # of Likes", it's gonna engage the reader to read further below. The reputation meter in some sense awards the writer of a particular post, like a sense of pride for being recognized what a great idea he had written about.

[3] : There's a lot to learn from social media apps and games to be utilize here. Like leveling up. Achieving a certain # of likes gives the writer a particular medal. Posting a certain # of post gives another medal. Created a HOWTO thread, gives another medal (recognized by the Admin themselves). I mean, by treating the forums like a kind of game to earn these medals, it will make the community feel more alive, giving intangible reward to the writers -> promotes activity in the forum not just by the regulars.

I believe that by generating community activity, the Digi guys up there benefits by:
[1] : The regulars don't have to answer all the time. Kudos to the likes of johnf, and lynnl. If only the UI of the forum promotes "problem solving together", these guys can be proud how the community had matured by itself, growing like a social society.

[2] : Once the community matures; it indirectly reduces the burden of your technical support team unless really needed. I'm not sure what you guys go through in Digi, but I bet you've to answer even the most simplest things. Even a user like me may be confused, where shall I ask? Tech support or the forums?

[3] : Community involvement exhibits the type of Digi devices your customers are exposed to frequently -> thus generate followers. It's like a customer db, the more activity it comes from that line of products, the better you guys are at, at where the sales / marketing / engineering attention should be. Observing network traffic to thread types is just not enough (if you haven't done it yet). It's just passive-data. You guys get active data out here too if the community is much more engaging. I know... you can also use data from technical support queries, right? But what are the forums for? This is suppose to be a social experience for the digi device hobbyist / students / engineers out there. BlueRoad is not enuf :P

The view on how this forum should improve isn't just technical tweaks, but UI and User experience at the same time. It should be more enhanced, engaging and fun to solve problems for people. Nuff said.. i hope this forum really gets a MakeOver, it's time for you guys to get creative :)
asked Jan 5, 2011 in Feedback/Wish List by DenzChoe Community Contributor (72 points)

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