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Rabbit 4000 core module pin compatable with RCM3000

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I just hit the glass ceiling on the RCM3000 (You know the 64K data boundary) and there is no easy way to keep expanding my code using xalloc() and the other instructions to swap memory. All that memory...very hard to use. I would like to use a Rabbit 4000 and DC10 which solves this problem but there is no migration path. None of the cores offer Ethernet and all the I/O on the RCM3000. You would think this would be an obvious thing to design but I guess not. I had to redesign my board when migrating from the Rabbit 2000 core I started with way back when.

Looks like I will need to spin my own now. Ugh!
asked Dec 19, 2007 in Feedback/Wish List by tvansistine New to the Community (0 points)

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