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Dynamic C moved to Eclipse platform

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I would like to see 2 things change.

#1) I would like to have an Eclipse version of Dynamic C.
#2) the most important one. I would like to be able to compile a program without the boad being plugged in. I.E. I make some changes, hit save, then hit compile just to check to make sure there are no errors. When I am happy with the changes I will then press download.
asked Oct 25, 2008 in Feedback/Wish List by seulater Community Contributor (52 points)

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1 Answer

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Part 2 already exists. You select the target-less board you're working with, and compile to a .bin file. When you're happy, you use the RFU to download your binary. In fact, these tools can be integrated with Eclipse as well.
answered Feb 9, 2009 by thpdg New to the Community (4 points)