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Project Tree Needed

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My wish is that DC would include the ability to have a project tree.
since i cannot use #include statements and we cannot include other .C files we are forced to making .lib files. Now, no large project is going to have just a main.c app with hundreds of lines of code all in one c file, thats just crazy and would be poorly managed. certain tasks of functions should be placed in their own file for manageability. I.E. if i am going to code a function to communicate via I2C to say a PCS955A part i would not put all the code for that in my "main" app. it should be in its own file.
SOooo... now i have several .lib files to mimic this, and its becoming increasingly hard to manage all this without a project tree.
DC has a project ability, but it lacks the ability to include files into it for my project.
asked Feb 5, 2009 in Feedback/Wish List by seulater Community Contributor (52 points)

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