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Wi-iMX53 Kernel Panic(s)

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I'm working on getting the AADK running on a Wi-iMX53 board and have had several kernel panics, and am trying to figure out how I can solve them. Typically the kernel panic occurs with:
last sysfs file: /sys/kernel/ipv4/tcp_wmem_max Modules linked in: rsi_master rsi_client(P)

I've seen some others, but this is pretty common.

Do I need to update the drivers or the kernel, and if so, how can I do that?

On another note, is it possible to overlay a newer Android overtop the AADK (or move the build environment to a different version of Android)?

asked Nov 29, 2012 in Android by schmoonior New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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make sure you have the latest version of AADK..

If not update module using the default images present in installation folder.
answered Jan 1, 2013 by tuxembb Veteran of the Digi Community (288 points)