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ConnectCore : getting the message 'Connectiong to Desktop' when booting the OS

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I'm using a ConnectCore Wi-MX53 to develop with Windows Embedded Compact 7.
When loading wce-CCMX53 either from TFTP or from a microSD i get a blocking message 'Connection to desktop' and then nothing....

Does anyone already get this message?
I tried 'envreset' to reset the environnement variable, but still having the problem

Here is the data received on the console:
CCWMX53 # dboot wce tftp FEC: enable RMII gasket Using FEC0 device TFTP from server; our IP address is Filename 'wce-CCXMX53'. ################# done Bytes transferred = 21714831 (14b578f hex) Unzipping: complete Windows CE will be booted now Windows CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) ConnectCore Wi-i.MX53 by Digi International Inc. v3.3.7.2511 Windows Embedded CE 7.0 Built on May 23 2012 at 17:57:50 OEMInit: silicon rev = 0x21 [OEMInit]: Built for i.MX53 JumpStart Kit Deö•±½Áµ•¹ÑBoard (30013722-01) [OEMInit]: Force clean boot [KITL_Init]: KITL_ETHERNET OEMKitlStartup: DeviceId=CCWi-iMX5346767 OEMKitlStartup: IP= Netmask= g_kitlLock = 0x82BB80C0 FECInit MAC ADDR 0:40:9D:58:B6:AF FEC is linked, Speed 100Mbps , Full Duplex KITL will run in interrupt mode VBridge:: built on [May 24 2012] time [09:53:10] VBridgeInit()...TX = [16384] bytes -- Rx = [16384] bytes Tx buffer [0x82BB94C0] to [0x82BBD4C0]. Rx buffer [0x82BBD4E0] to [0x82BC14E0]. VBridge:: NK add MAC: [0-40-9D-58-B6-AF] Connecting to Desktop

Here is my environment:
bootdelay=4 baudrate=115200 loadaddr=0x70800000 silent=no ethprime=FEC0 ethact=FEC0 filesize=512 bootcmd=dboot wce mmc 1:1 fat ethaddr=00:40:9D:58:B6:AF wlanaddr=00:40:9D:58:B6:85 eth1addr=00:40:9D:58:B6:DC ipaddr= ipaddr_wlan= ipaddr1= netmask= netmask_wlan= netmask1= serverip= gatewayip= dnsip= dnsip2= dhcp=off dhcp_wlan=off dhcp1=off mtdids=nand0=onboard_boot mtdparts=mtdparts=onboard_boot:0x100000(U-Boot),0x80000@0x100000(NVRAM),0x100000@0x180000(Splash),0x2800000@0x280000(Kernel),0x1d580000@0x2a80000(Filesys) stdin=serial stdout=serial stderr=serial Environment size: 688/8188 bytes
asked May 24, 2012 in Windows CE by tdesmortreux New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Jun 17, 2013 by mcarver

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1 Answer

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The kernel image you are loading has KITL enabled. The message means that the kernel is waiting for the desktop's debugger to connect before continuing. If you're not trying to debug your kernel, then check your catalog and make sure that you have KITL removed. Rebuild, and then it should work.
answered Jun 7, 2012 by mcarver Community Contributor (108 points)