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CoreConnect i.mx53 NVRAM Problem (error: unknown display selected)

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Hi ,

After booting the kit uboot starts and displays error given below

U-Boot 2009.08 - dub-1.2.2 - (Jan 23 2013 - 17:09:26) - GCC 4.4.6
for ConnectCore Wi-i.MX53 on a JumpStart Kit Development Board

I2C: ready
NAND: 512 MiB
DRAM: 512 MB
error: unknown display selected

Please Help [X-(] [X-(] [X-(] [X-(] [X-(] [(:|]

Thanks in Advance.
asked Jan 24, 2013 in Windows CE by rahul.sng24_at_gmail.com New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Jun 17, 2013 by mcarver

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1 Answer

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Do you still get an U-Boot prompt after this error?
Try U-Boot "envreset" command.
This U-Boot was compiled by yourself? Maybe some misconfiguration?
Try to update to U-Boot binary frmo March 2013

answered May 2, 2013 by User143 Community Contributor (132 points)