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I need sample web control syntax/explained so it can be modified.

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<form action="/leddemo.zhtml" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="<?z varname ($output[$A]) ?>"
<?z if ($output[$A] == 0) { ?>value="1"<?z } ?>
<?z if ($output[$A] != 0) { ?>value="0"<?z } ?>
<input type="image" src="button.gif" />
asked May 16, 2013 in Feedback/Wish List by Ted Schmidt New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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I think you might want to look at the following document:


The <?Z ?> business appears to be Rabbit Dynamic C specific html controls. SO you will not find these in a general html text.

$output, form what I can see gives the current value of variable output. $A give sthe current value of variable A.

I believe the document listed above explains alot of this Dynamic C HTML business.
answered May 16, 2013 by dakotas_dad Veteran of the Digi Community (694 points)
The document provided is a good resource. I still need clearity on what certain characters do in the code. Being new to this Web programming, it is *****. In the example, the input is a string of variables ($A). I have one that I want to change ($output[0]) when some one clicks on the correct image (button). I have tried
<?z ($output[0]) { ?>value="1"<?z } ?>
I placed this is a "onclick" function, but can not seem to get the syntax correct. Appreciate the help and hopefully you can advise me with the solution. Ted
The following document appears to be more complete and might be of help to you.


See chapters 2,3,4 & 5