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Firmware End device API version 29A7 not working in cycle sleep SM=5

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Hi all,
I opened a post regarding this issue without an exhaustive answer.

My xbee serie2 device programmed as "end device API" is not working in extended cycle sleep SM=5 SO=4 options.

It sends to the coordinator about 6 packets every 40 second even if I programmed it to send just 1 packet every 3 min.

This is my config I use by XCTU utility:

End device API: xb24-ZB ,version 29A7
SM=5 (extended + pin wake),
ST=1f4 (500 msec)
SP=7D0 (20 sec)
SN =9 (9x20 =3min)
SO=4 (extended cycle sleep)
IR =3e8 (1 sec so I should have 1 packet every SPxSN since ST =500msec )
DI0=digital input
pullup =1ff

Coordinator API :xb24-ZB version 21A7 ,PANID =2002 , SP =7d0,SN=9
The end device is correctly joined to the PAN by the coordinator otherwise i should not receive any packets.

Did anyone tried this configuration before ?
Are my devices damaged or what ?
Could it be a problem of end device' firmware?

Again thanks for your support and hope you can help me about this trouble.
asked May 20, 2013 in IEEE 802.15.4 by nickoli New to the Community (3 points)

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1 Answer

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Look at your PO parameter.
answered Jun 7, 2013 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (15,355 points)