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Why does the Digi Forum go down all the time?

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Given that I rely on these forums constantly it is extremely inconvenient and aggravating.
asked May 20, 2013 in Feedback/Wish List by jefffhaynes New to the Community (20 points)
edited May 20, 2013 by jefffhaynes

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1 Answer

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Hey Jeff,

The forum server is currently having some 'performance' problems. We are seeing many page loads take more than 30 seconds, and the average is around 10-15 seconds. So I'm trying to figure out why it's running so slow.

Testing the configuration changes often requires restarting services, or the server entirely, and the database can take up to 30min to spool up again from a restart, that's where most of the downtime happens. I would normally run these tests on a test server, but I'm not able to reproduce the problem in our test server, so I must experiment on the production server =/

Please be patient, I am working on it, and these kinds of things can take some time to solve.

answered May 21, 2013 by mcarver Community Contributor (108 points)