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WiMX53 Jumpstart Kit Touchscreen Calibration Help!

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Hi, I'm using the WiMX53 jumpstart kit, and when ever I load a touchscreen Qt Application, like tetrix, my touch inputs will always be interpreted wrongly. Meaning that if I touch a certain point on the screen, the cursor will appear on another place. Also it seems that the cursor will follow the opposite of my finger movements. I need help calibrating the touchscreen, but I have no idea how. Thanks a lot!

asked Jun 6, 2013 in Linux by joshnfsmw New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Jun 17, 2013 by mcarver

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2 Answers

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Hello , Which OS are you using? Is that Android or Linux?
answered Jun 6, 2013 by cpigilam Veteran of the Digi Community (655 points)
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hi joshua,

had nearly the same problem.
asking the support for a method via console i got this idea:
Access console and delete " /data/system/calibration " file .
Reboot device and it will ask for calibration.

additional from me....
to access the console take the serial cable and connect it to uart1. start a terminal on your (serial) connected computer (eg putty, token2, ...) with 115200, 8, n, 1 setting and access the console.
rm /data/system/calibration [return]

reboot and you get the touch calibration screen ;-)

answered Aug 8, 2013 by gregs New to the Community (3 points)