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How can I make ADDP work?

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I can't seem to get ADDP working. I have the daemon loaded, I connected directly to a Windows 7 and Windows XP machine, turned off the firewall, and I've tried running both the Digi device discovery program and the Digi device setup wizard. Neither program will find either of the two devices I have.

I have a Connect ME 9210 L w/JTAG in the development board, and a 9210 L module on my product board.

Everything seems to be working fine as far as my application and development environment are concerned, but I need a way for my customer to change the IP addresses in a simple and convenient manner. ADDP seemed like the right way to do it, but I can't make it work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

asked Jun 17, 2013 in Linux by Glenn Hamblin New to the Community (5 points)

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3 Answers

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You probably need to change your magic cookie from DVKT to DIGI. By default the discovery tools Digi provides do not pick up development kit (DVKT) devices.

I'm not exactly sure how to do that in Linux, but that was the case in NET+OS and WinCE.
answered Jun 17, 2013 by mcarver Community Contributor (108 points)

I'll look into what I need to do to change it. Hopefully it's in a config file somewhere and not hardcoded in the Daemon.

Thanks a ton!
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Try as I might, I cannot figure out where to change the modules magic cookie. I also flashed what will be one of the production modules, and ADDP won't find it either.

Is there any other way to make it easy for my customer to change the modules IP address easily as required?

answered Jun 24, 2013 by Glenn Hamblin New to the Community (5 points)
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Just wanted to share that ADDP magic cookie, and other related settings are in the "bsp_services.h" file within the bsp folder.

Hope this helps.

I think digi could do with documenting some of this as apparently there are quite a few settings you can change, but no information on how to do this, e.g. GUID code...
answered Oct 11, 2013 by kamaz187 New to the Community (10 points)