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Problem regarding serial port in rabbit RCM6700

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Hi guys, I'm using the rabbit RCM6700 to do some coding using C programming and I'm using the Dynamic C 10.66 compiler.
I want to do simple RS485 transmit and receive using serial port D, so I added the library file RS232.lib into the project files. I connect the RCM6700 to one rs485 ic (MAX3072). I use a control pin (PE1) from RCM6700 to the rs485 ic to control the rs485 ic whether it do receiving or transmitting. I will use the serDrdUsed() function to see whether I have receive data or not.
The problem I face is, everytime I set control pin PE1 to high (transmitting mode), the serDrdUsed() will have some value. Aren't serDrdUsed() will only have value if I set PE1 to low (receiving mode) and when I receive some data?
asked Jun 17, 2013 in Embedded Devices by maniac84 New to the Community (3 points)

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1 Answer

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RS485 is half duplex communication. Transmission and reception of data can't be done simultaneously.

Try with this code:
#define TX_TMOUT 2UL #define RX_TMOUT 20UL #define PACKET_LENGTH 32 char packetOut[PACKET_LENGTH], packetIn[PACKET_LENGTH], n; // transmitte mode serDflowcontrolOff(); // store data to packetOut sprintf(packetOut, "%s", "this is the data to be sent"); // send data serDwrite(packetOut, strlen(packetOut)); // wait buffer output empty while (serDwrUsed() > 0) ; // wait data sent to another device waitfor(DelayMs(TX_TMOUT)); // receive mode serDflowcontrolOn(); // read serial data in here... n = serDread(packetIn, PACKET_LENGTH, RX_TMOUT); if(n>0){ // process data input in here }

answered Jun 20, 2013 by edha Community Contributor (71 points)
reshown Jul 5, 2015 by edha
I know that RS485 is half duplex communication.
I found out that when I transmit out data using serDputc() command, the serDrdUsed() will be >0. Aren't that serDrdUsed() will be >0 when only we receive data?
Is pin /RE of MAX3072 connected to GND? If yes, that hardware configuration for echo mode. Cut wiring from /RE to GND then connect pin /RE to pin DE of MAX3072.
RS485 will transmite mode when you set high /RE and DE, and vice versa.