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problem on xbee pin signals DTR- sleep RQ /CTS /on- sleep

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I am using the card Muin( DROID) - xbee for a prototype

Configuration Xbee series 2 chip antenna

D7=CTS flow- control
D6= RTS flow- control
on Muin pin 9,12,13 are not connected
the pins connected are vcc- gnd- tx- rx- RSSI- ASSOC

if measured the pin 9,12,13
pin 9 DTR- sleep RQ --- >3.3v
pin 12 CTS--- >0 V (CTS- VCC 3.20 ????)
Pin 13 on- sleep 3.3 v

i would expect (as in the manual xbee)
RF module in SLEEP
pin 9 DTR--- >3.3v
pin 12 CTS--- >3.3v
pin 13 on- sleep 0 v

putting pin 9--- >low( GND) Pin 12 remains high and pin 13 remains low

if i run the same operations on XBee - USB Board Droid

signals pin 9-12-13 are correct
9-high/ 12-high/ 13-Low
putting pin 9--- >low( GND) pin 12 goes to Low and pin 13 goes to high
can you help me to understand why
thank you for any response
asked Jul 8, 2013 in Data Services by bprovvis New to the Community (0 points)

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