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OOB Modem line via Avaya CMS

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Digi Passport 8
F/W Rev. : v1.4.2
Serial No. : SW30643631

Modem configuration
1. Enable PPP connection on the Modem : Disable
2. Init string : q1e0s0=2&d0
3. Enable/Disable callback : Disable
4. Enable/Disable modem test : Disable
5. Email alert configuration
6. SNMP trap configuration

I am trying to set up a Passport 8 at a remote site. I have IP SSH access, but for some reason, we cannot establish a modem connection. Even when I dial from a desk phone, the Digi modem does not pick up. On the same DDI a zoom modem was tested and worked. The line is set for 56k data on the CMS.

Do I need any specific init string in the config to enable the modem to pick up? Or, is there another setting needed in Avaya for the modem other than 56k.

asked Jul 9, 2013 in Console Servers by davidavzb New to the Community (0 points)

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