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xbee digital input always reporting high

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Hi there,
I've been able to set up a small testing network using 2 xb24zb's. I have one set up as coordinator in API mode and one set up as router in AT mode. I'm trying to follow this youtube tutorial. It's just a simple switch circuit. The one difference is I'm connecting it to a Raspberry Pi, and I'm using cutecom to output the hex values

My problem is that when I connect things up the digital input pin never changes when I press the switch. It starts off high right from the beginning. There are no short circuits, and even when I disconnect the switch it still remains high.

I read elsewhere about the pull up resistors and wondered if it might be them, so I tried different combinations of inputs such as 0, 1FFE, 0000, etc. but I got weird results where it was alternating between on and off without even using the switch. Also, that didn't need to be done in the video.

I doubt that it is the XBees as this happened with three different ones that I tried. Has anybody else come across this and found a solution to it? Any help would be appreciated because I'm tearing my hair out at this stage.
asked Jul 11, 2013 in Feedback/Wish List by paulhan New to the Community (1 point)

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