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connectport X4 and waspmote

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I'm trying to connect waspmote libelium to connectPort X4.
I'm trying to send data from the waspmote to the gateway. unfortunately as I'm newbie in this I don't know how to show received data in the connectPort X4.
could you help me please?
thanks in advance
asked Aug 7, 2013 in Digi Connect Cellular by hajer New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Nov 6, 2015 by jeremym

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1 Answer

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Hi Hajer,

what version of xbee firmware is the X4 running? you can check in the X4 web interface: homepage -> configuration -> xbee network.

You'll want to make sure that waspmote supports either the Zigbee PRO or Zigbee 2006 stacks. You can adjust the X4s setting of this at: homepage -> configuration -> xbee network -> (click on the address of the coordinator) -> advanced settings. ZS = 1 is Zigbee 2006. ZS = 2 is Zigbee PRO stack mode.
answered Sep 29, 2013 by kjensen8 Veteran of the Digi Community (623 points)
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