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how to send a file of 6 KB over xbee s2 series?

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I am trying to send a file of size 6 KB over the xbee module using raspberry pi. If i send the file all at once, it takes me about 3 seconds to receive the file. How should i efficiently send the file over less than a minute because i guess 35 KB can be sent per second(250 kbps).
asked Aug 19, 2013 in RF Solutions and XBee by purnima New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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I would guess that you are broadcasting to all radios. When broadcasting packets on the series 2 you are limited to about one packet per second. Check that you have a destination set (DH, DL) to improve your speed.
answered Aug 19, 2013 by jeremy Veteran of the Digi Community (472 points)