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Local GPIO Digital Change Detection (IC) not working on ConnectPort X3 - GPRS, 2A/2D interface, ZigBee (X3-Z1J-G1C30-W1)

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We had recently set up the ConnectPort X3 ZB SMA Intl (2AI/2DI)to check DI change detection (IC). The pin configuration was set as:
• Channel 0,1: Current Loop
• Channel 2,3: Digital input
The pull up registered were enabled using the external dip switches. Polling the device gave the right DI status, which showed hardware setup was right. We then set the Change Detection (IC) on the device to report any changed on channel 2,3. The settings read from the Xbee ZB Pro ZB S2B radio of the gateway was:

1. IO Digital Change Detection (IC): 0xc (1100)
2. IO Sample Rate(IR):0x0
3. DIO2 Configuration(D2):3(Decimal)
4. DIO3 Configuration(D3):3(Decimal)
5. Destination Address High(DH):0x0
6. Destination Address Low(DL):0xFFFF
7. Device Type Identifier(DD):0x30015

We created a listener on the Zigbee socket. But no data was received on the socket when the DI status was changed. Though polling the DI during the same time reported the right values. We used the following socket binding:

self.sd.bind(("", 0xe8, 0, 0))

We then also tried the following alternatives:

• Set IO Sample Rate(IR) to 50ms (0x32)
• Changed socket binding to the following: self.sd.bind(("", 0xe8, 0xC105, 0x11))

But nothing seem to make the IO Digital Change Detection (IC)work.The firmware details of the gateway are:

Product: ConnectPort X3 ZB SMA Intl
PN: (1P)50001557-56 K3
Gateway XBee capabilities: 0x017f
Xbee Firmware: 0x21a0 (Chipset Xbee Zigbee Pro S2B)
asked Aug 29, 2013 in Digi Connect Cellular by Prafull New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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upgrade your xbee firmware to at least 0x21a7. there were problems with a0.
answered Sep 29, 2013 by kjensen8 Veteran of the Digi Community (623 points)