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activate xbee network connectport x4

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Hello everyone,

I hope I'm in the correct category for my problem..

3 months ago when I received a development kit, I could turn on the sensors and wireless by Zigbee communication and so I worked on my program in Python without more interest for Zigbee.

Now I want to use the Zigbee communication again but impossible to detect my sensors and when I go to the ConnectPort X4 wb page for settings (part "XBee network"), a message tells me that the network is not available.

I don't know enough about the system to know if, by mishandling, I shut down the function or if the module is broken...

Does anyone have an idea about the situation?

Thanks by advance !
asked Sep 11, 2013 in ConnectPort Display by glasbleiz New to the Community (0 points)

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2 Answers

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could your sensor simply be sleeping or have a dead battery? try waking it up and failing that replacing the battery. then retest.

If you can't pull up the basic xbee settings on the X4 (homepage -> configuration -> xbee network) then soemthing else could be wrong.

answered Sep 14, 2013 by kjensen8 Veteran of the Digi Community (653 points)
Thanks Keith for your answer !

I don't think it's a low battery problem cause when I put it in the sensor, the LED for the zigbee communication is blinking regulary.

Plus, when i'm on the administrator's web page, in the "xbee network" section, a message informs me that the network is not available. It's really as if the gateway's xbee module is disable or dead.. but i have no idea about how test it or how wake it up.
if you're seeing 'network not available' under xbee network, then it sounds like something is wrong with the xbee module in the X4.  I would guess maybe the firmware got overwritten or it was misconfigured.  Two common causes is not having AP=1 or BD=7.  The module needs to be in API mode and have a baud rate of 115.2k for the X4 firmware to read it successfully.  Failing that, it will give the error you've described.

If you have the Xbee dev board, try taking it out and using XCTU to examine it's settings.
Ok, thank you, i'll try those parameters. I actually have no dev board, only the development kit (2sensors, the X4, ethernet cable and antennas).
In the case of overwritten firmware, how could i upload the good one ? Is there a particular usage to do or not ?
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without the dev board you really can't do anything else. Theoretically you might be able to do an over the air update, but that assumes the firmware is functioning correctly to begin with. So I would say no.
answered Sep 28, 2013 by kjensen8 Veteran of the Digi Community (653 points)
Can you tell me what king of dev board do you have ? I schould try to get one and test the parameters that you gave me...

Thanks by advance