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9210 Rea time clock

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NaRtcTime_t * time = (NaRtcTime_t*)malloc(sizeof(NaRtcTime_t)); time->date = 1; time->month = NA_RTC_OCTOBER; time->year = 2013; time->dayOfWeek = NA_RTC_THURSDAY; time->hours = 11; time->minutes = 58; time->seconds = 0; time->hundredths_second = 0; if( naRtcSetTime(0, time) != NASTATUS_SUCCESS) { //error DEBUG_printf( "Unable To Set Time \n"); } naRtcGetTime(0, time); DEBUG_printf( "%d/%d/%d %d:%d:%d \n", time->date, time->month, time->year, time->hours ,time->minutes, time->seconds);

Since it does not work .... someone can give me a hint?
asked Oct 1, 2013 in NET+OS by gavello New to the Community (16 points)

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2 Answers

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Hello, first please verify basic information. My understanding was that the 9215 and the 9360 where the two devices that had battery-backedup RTCs. I do not believe the 9210 is so configured. So I need to verify do you really mean the 9210?
answered Oct 1, 2013 by dakotas_dad Veteran of the Digi Community (694 points)
I would set the date any time the device restarts so i should not need the RTC to be battery backed up.

The 9210 is mounted on a board and connected to its microprocessor using the serial port; i can get the date from the microprocessor and i would set it on the 9210
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If you go into your src\bsp\platforms directory (in the tree in which NET+OS was installed), you see that each known platform has its own directory, for example, connectcore9p9215_a, ns9210_a....etc. Each of these platforms-specific directories has a file entitled rtc.c. In each file entitled rtc.c is the declaration of a table named naRtcDeviceTable. For platforms that support an RTC, this table is populated/initialized (with objects other than 0). If the platform does not support an RTC, then the table is populated/initialized with 0s (zeroes). The number of platforms that support an RTC is quite limited and is limited to the 9215-based products and 9360-based products. All other platforms have this table uninitialized, signifying that the RTC is not supported.
answered Oct 1, 2013 by dakotas_dad Veteran of the Digi Community (694 points)