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Digi neo 8port pcie voltage level

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we have Digi Neo 8port PCIe (P/N: 77000889 / S/N:R21216426 ) card and we have problem with the ModBus serial connection. We are trying to use card in Dell PowerEdge R720 with 1 CPU.

I assume there is something to do with the voltage level about Digi Neo port.

I measured something like 8.8Vdc from RS-232 D9 pins 4(TxD)-6(GND) when RS-232 D9 other end is connected to Digi Neo card through AccelePort.

I think this can cause some problem to later on when the RS-232 in changed to RS-485 when connecting to the PLC. Computer own serialport voltage between 4-6 pins is 5.4Vdc and with this port I can get connection to PLC.

This is quite unknown territory to me - so I'm asking can this PCIe card voltage been low down somehow or do you have different kind off card that operates lower voltage level?
asked Oct 8, 2013 in Serial Cards by JanneSeppanen New to the Community (0 points)

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