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Xbee Trace Routing

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Hi All, :)

I uses XBee-PRO® DigiMesh® 2.4 modules with XBP24-DM Ver. 8065.

How to use the trace routing option in the TX packet in python?

as i uses:
xbee.MESH_TRACEBACK = True xbee.debug_callback = True sd = socket(AF_XBEE, SOCK_DGRAM, XBS_PROT_TRANSPORT) sd.bind(("", 0xe8, 0, 0)) sd.settimeout(120) sd.sendto("Hello, World!", 0, ('[00:13:a2:00:xx:xx:xx:xx]]!', 0xe8, 0xc105, 0x11, XBS_OPT_TX_TRACERT, 0x42)) #sd.sendto("Hello, World!", 0, ('[00:13:a2:00:xx:xx:xx:xx]]!', 0xe8, 0xc105, 0x11, 0x02, 0x42)) payload, src_addr = sd.recvfrom(255)

and didn't get any useful information (only the destination address and the data).

so, how to enable Trace Routing and how read the route information?

Thanks In Advance
asked Oct 20, 2013 in 3rd Party Python and API development in other Languages by sosovirus New to the Community (7 points)

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