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Testing Serial Sensor connected to Digi Connect WAN 3G.

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My Company is using a Digi Connect WAN 3G Router to transmit data using 3G from sensor connected to serial port ?
Is it possible to connect to Sensor by CLI Interface from Digi Web ?

Also a python script is welcome for same task.

In advance,

Ignacio Olaeta
asked Oct 30, 2013 in Digi Connect Cellular by setec New to the Community (0 points)

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you can try telnetting to the digi and issuing a 'connect 1' command. That might get you out to the serial port.

You can also try writing a python app to open the serial port and manipulate it that way. Try this:

The Digi ESP might also have some examples you can try.
answered Oct 30, 2013 by kjensen8 Veteran of the Digi Community (653 points)
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