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Digi ESP / Development board - Problems running remote application

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I have recently set up an ME 0210 ARM linux development board to my embedded linux host computer.
Having followed the quickstart guide, I find that when I attempt to run my 'hello world' application on the embedded device that the binary is not transferring, and returning with a 'directory does not exist' error message.

I have verified connectivity with the board, and am able to execute console commands using the ESP serial connection.

I have verified the FTP settings are correct and can FTP files from the host to the embedded system, but the FTP client is logged into '/root' - which is read only, so I first change directories to /tmp.

Unfortunately the ESP is unable to transfer between host and embedded system.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance
asked Dec 6, 2013 in Linux by James Thorpe New to the Community (0 points)

I have same problem , did you find solution ?
I have the same issue using a Connect ME 9210 and the Linux development board. I'm running the Kubuntu distro that comes with the development kit. I can ftp manually (through a terminal with ftp) and then run my program via the serial console; but of course, no debugging support that way. :(

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1 Answer

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you should be able to transfer files over ftp to /tmp which is mounted on ramfs and is writable. can you see file been transferred in to /tmp? can you do a network trace and see what is going on?
Alternatively, build kernel and rootfs project, and boot module over tftp/NFS, then change transfer type to NFS.
answered Dec 27, 2013 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (4,457 points)