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What is the latest version of the RabbitWeb library ?

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asked Feb 13, 2014 in Rabbit Software by tonymedlicott New to the Community (2 points)

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3 Answers

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Hello, you can check the version of the rabbit web library in the file 'ReleaseNotes_RabbitWeb.txt' under DC installation path below

It seems like, the latest versions are
Version 1.06 for DC10.72
Version 1.05 for DC9.62
answered Feb 13, 2014 by cpigilam Veteran of the Digi Community (651 points)
Thank you for your swift response. I'm using DC 10.72 so i'm assuming I must have the latest version of RabbitWeb 1.06 as it all comes packaged together. Unfortunately, i'm finding RabbitWeb to be quite 'buggy' - my web pages are often rendered with <?z echo($I) ?> etc. when the tag should have been replaced by the ZHTML parser.
There is a document at the below link, this explains how to  create Dynamic web pages with the embedded web server. I hope It may help you.

It's extremely kind of you to respond, thank you. I'm familiar with that document - it was very helpful when I started out with RabbitWeb several years ago. My project is now quite advanced and i'm looking for a solution to the specific issue that I mentioned earlier. Have you any idea how <?z echo($I) ?> can end up in the HTML of a page that has been supposedly 'parsed by RabbitWeb ? FYI - I use Notepad++ to edit my HTML documents. Should I be using a dedicated HTML editor like Frontpage perhaps ?
Hello, I am not that much familiar with this, But I suggest you ,
Please check the TCP/IP volume 2 at the below link

In the document mentioned that , how it works.
You can use Notepad++ to edit the HTML documents, I do not think the problem with the notepad++.
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I have developed several years ago a program that has powerfull web pages (users, forms, tables, etc.) using RCM4000 and dynamic 10.62 with RabbitWeb.
Everything have worked fine during six years. But this morning I use the dynamic C 10.72 with the same program. This run well but the web pages are totally corrupted with <?z echo($I) ?> etc as Tony mentioned.
After that I installed the HTTP.LIB patch showed in support page for 10.70. But the program continues showing bad web pages.
So, it is like with 10.72 the RabbitWeb is not working fine.
answered Mar 21, 2014 by danisens New to the Community (1 point)
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I can confirm that the version of Rabbit Web supplied with Dynamic C 10.72 is buggy when it comes to parsing Z tags.

The bug can be demonstrated using an HTML file of just 285 bytes (shown below) ...

<!doctype html>
<!-- ********************************************************************************** SPACER to put ZHTML tag at pos 254 ************************************************************************************************ -->
<?z echo($I) ?>

Get your rabbit module to serve up this file. Experiment with the <?z tag in character position 250 to 260. Sometimes the page will be rendered correctly (giving the expected output of 0 for $I) but sometimes the tag will go unprocessed and end up in the HTML itself. WRONG !!!!!
answered Apr 10, 2014 by tonymedlicott New to the Community (2 points)
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