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_arp_send_gratuitous not working

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How can I force that my Rabbit sends a Gratuitous ARP message on startup?

I use the next code, but no Gratuitous ARP message is passed when I snif with Wireshark. (Other communication with the Rabbit works.)

ip = aton(""); sock_init(); ifconfig(IF_ETH0, IFS_IPADDR, ip, IFS_UP, IFS_END); while (ifpending(IF_DEFAULT) == IF_COMING_UP) tcp_tick(NULL); _arp_send_gratuitous(IF_DEFAULT);
asked Feb 14, 2014 in Rabbit by Martin.work New to the Community (4 points)
edited Feb 14, 2014 by Martin.work
When I define ARP_VERBOSE

I get the next output
ARP: asking who has 0A006902? (on i/f 0, using srcIP 00000000) ARP: default router_for i/f 0... ARP: ...no router for i/f 0 ARP: asking who has 0A006902? (on i/f 0, using srcIP 0A006902)

But no message is send over the network....

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