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X-Bee S3B and XCTU 6.0

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Hey guys I am new to Xbee's and all information I have sought out on interacting with them seems to feature the old version of XCTU.
I am using Windows 8 so I am currently running 6.0, the newest version. Also the Xbee's in question are the Model XBP9B. Here are a couple of questions if you guys don't mind.

1. How do you do set the xbee's as a
◦C: Coordinator
◦R: Router
It seems fairly straight forward for prior versions of XCTU but I can't find anything on 6.0.
2. How do you do a range test? I've plugged a development board into my labtop and another development board into the power connection and it responds with "local device does not support range test".

If anyone can give me advice I would appreciate it.

asked Mar 13, 2014 in XCTU by psireaper9 New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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The C and R settings can be set in the Configuration tab. Once you have connected to the local XBee with magnifying Glass Icon on the left, click on the Gear Icon on the right. This will read the Xbee configuration. Scroll down to the Network section, and look at the CE entry.

The range test is under the Tools item, Spanner and screwdriver. This will try to discover remote node and then run the test on the selected node
answered Mar 13, 2014 by rdeabill Community Contributor (142 points)
Once I go to configure, I go to network and Security Tab
it offers the following:
ID, Modem VID
HP, Hopping Channel
DT, Destination Address
MY, Source Address
MK,  Address mask
RR, Rentries
RN, Delay Slots
MD, RF Mode
TT, Streaming Limit
SY, Time before

It offer's No CE available, this is running off the following firmware:

Product Family :XBP9B-XC
Function:  XBEE-PRO XSC(3B)