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Can Qt5.2 update a version?

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Can Qt5.2 update a version?
It is QtEmbedded-4.7.2 now.

env : Windows7 > VMware > ubuntu12.04

Digi ESP for Embedded Linux
Version: 2.0 for Digi Embedded Linux
Build id: 20120709 DEL-
asked Mar 28, 2014 in Linux by chung New to the Community (37 points)

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3 Answers

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I dont think Digi has a plan to release new QT version, if you want you will have to cross compile it
answered Mar 28, 2014 by tuxembb Veteran of the Digi Community (288 points)
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Thank you very much for your advice.
answered Mar 31, 2014 by chung New to the Community (37 points)
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I did cross compile.

version : qt-everwher-opensource-src-5.2.1

vaio@ubuntu:~/qt5/qtbase$ ./configure -prefix /usr/local/qt5-imx53 -hostprefix /opt/imx53/qt5-imx53 -release -device linux-imx53qsb-g++ -opensource -confirm-license -no-gtkstyle -device-option CROSS_COMPILE=/usr/local/DigiEL-5.9/x-tools/arm-cortex_a8-linux-gnueabi/bin/arm-cortex_a8-linux-gnueabi- -device-option DEVICE=iMX53 -sysroot /opt/imx53/sysroot -eglfs -no-pch -opengl es2 -no-xcb -silent


Creating qmake...
Running configuration tests...
Warning: Disabling pkg-config since PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR is not set.
Note: PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR automatically set to /opt/imx53/sysroot

Could not determine the target architecture!
Turn on verbose messaging (-v) to see the final report.
The OpenGL ES 2.0 functionality test failed!
You might need to modify the include and library search paths by editing


What should I set ?
answered Apr 3, 2014 by chung New to the Community (37 points)