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Why is outbound internet "unreachable" when a VPN policy is defined?

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I have several Digi Connect WAN 3G IA (the newer ones) configured for AT&T 3G. When I add a VPN policy (which works fine with Greenbow client), I can no longer use the Digi modem as an outbound gateway to the internet.

When I have a VPN policy installed, I receive a "Reply from xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa: Destination host unreachable." error when trying to ping outside domains or direct IP's. When I remove the VPN policy and reboot the Digi, the outbound internet comes to life.

Any thoughts? The older Digi modems never had this problem. Specifically, my modem details are:

Model: Connect WAN 3G IA
Firmware Version: (Version 82001912_K 08/30/2013)
Boot Version: 1.1.3 (release_82001975_D)
POST Version: 1.1.3 (release_82001753_K)
Product VPD Version: release_82002996_A
Product ID: 0x0079
Hardware Strapping: 0x0042
Modem Manufacturer: HUAWEI Incorporated
Modem Model: Huawei EM680 w/Gobi Technology
Modem Serial Number: 35497604xxxxxxx
Modem Revision: D3200-STSUGN-1575 1 [Nov 22 2010 09:00:00]
Mobile Country Code: 310
Mobile Network Code: 410
Roaming Status: Home Network
Band Class: WCDMA PCS 1900

asked May 1, 2014 in Digi Connect Cellular by JerseyJim New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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I can recommend that you establish Internet mail flow directly through a Hub Transport server. In this scenario, you have to create a Send connector that routes e-mail to the Internet. Also, you have to modify the configuration of the default Receive connector to accept anonymous e-mail submissions.

answered Jul 22, 2014 by marianparlors New to the Community (1 point)